Птица (cross_roads_pti) wrote in caribspot,

Time to make Positive Ideas

Dominica as a model for the future life.

In our conception we have been able to combine the requirements of different groups of Dominica people and demands, which seems to be contradictory and competing each other. We offer:

* To fighters for ecology (for the Waitukubuli Ecological Foundation): pristine purity of the nature.
* To the tourist business: the island, where the past goes by hand with the future.
* To the lovers of progress: own automobile factory.
* To the poor: make a reality of the dream to have personal car.

We offer an energy program to be the basis of progress and sustainable development of Dominica. Dominica, following its image of the pristine island, can provide a power, which completely expelling the oil products from the island. Dominica people must implement these ideas, the government should only be an arbiter in the construction of new ideas and should not bear the monetary costs to realize this project, which must to become folk.
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