April 1st, 2009

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1. Why they insist on shopping at Rocawear and Sean John and insist Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister are too expensive when they cost virtually the same thing (give or take a few dollars)...?? Is it because they cannot fit into size zero jeans??

2. Why they always shop at the cheapest grocery stores and run people over to Sales, instead of shopping at the moderately-to-higher priced stores? And when they do walk in there, why do they only buy a load of bread??

2b. Why do they insist on eating the 'foods of their ancestors' and insisting its delicious, is it to fit in?! Does every black person have to eat curry chicken, fried dumplings or whatever...because it makes them ALL FAT. Have you SEEN those hips?

3. Why do they insist on getting pregnant before obtaining a high school degree?

4. Why do they have to wear baggy jeans and hats? Wouldn't they look a LITTLE less scary in khakis and a polo? Geez....Look up to Tiger Woods, 'bruthas'.

5. Why they INSIST on speaking slang jibberish, although they are very well aware of proper English grammar and sentence structure.

6. Why there is like NO black teachers. There are a lot of black nurses though, and they rarely smile.

7. Why they don't believe in plastic surgery!? (I love plastic surgery btw.) I mean, c'mon, a nose job or a face lift can fix that grumpy smile or 1800-slave day face. No offense. Just saying.

8. WHy do the women all wear their pants so high up with a tiny belt when they are like hippos?

9. Why do they think they will be Obama once they reach university? Honey, if you still hang around large crowds of Black people and go to clubs that exclusively play reggae and rap, you are still lost.

10. Why they have such horrid staring problems, especially against homosexuals of color (such as myself?) And why they mutter in their jibberish slang to those homosexuals? ......Anybody up for a Holla-Caust
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