♥-» ×MiSTiCaL→ DeSiRe× (lucky_stxr) wrote in caribspot,
♥-» ×MiSTiCaL→ DeSiRe×

The bilingual parrot

A man walks in to the register and ask the employee:
"Excuse me sir, but can you tell me why that parrot costs $5,000 dollars?"

The employee says: "Oh that parrot is extremely special. It's one of a kind. Not only is it beautiful but it is bulingual"

The man gives the employee a strange look and says:
"No way, there's no animal that could ever learn how to speak two languages"

The employee smiles and says: "Follow me I'll prove it"

The employee says: "Go ahead pull on his right leg"

SO the man pulls on the parrot's right leg. he Parrots says:
"Hello how are you"

The man smiles and says: "WOw, cool, that's amazing"

The employee then says: "Now pull on his left leg"

SO the man pulls on the parrots left lefg. The parrot says:
"Hola ¿como estas?"

The man was so excited and overwhelmed and he says:
"wow that is the coolest thing I've ever seen! Please you've got to tell me what happens if I pull both his legs"

The parrot turns and looks at the man and says:
"Pues i fall down pendejo!!!!!"

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